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About Fairy Jasmine's Entertainment

For the past 12 years Jasmine

has been enchanting birthday

parties with her fairy magic & has

been adored by children all over


Her natural way with children and her many years of theatre experience make her the perfect party entertainer.



Fairy Jasmine created by Jasmine Dare
Jasmine Dare

Fairy Jasmine's Entertainment was created in November 2011 by actress and singer Jasmine Dare in Melbourne, Victoria.


Jasmine has trained as a singer and actress since the age of seven. She adores music, storytelling and also has a passion for visual art and all things magical. Her lifelong love of fairies, unicorns and Princesses allows her to bring an extra level of magic and imagination to her parties. 

Throughout her career Jasmine has appeared in various musical theatre productions, TV shows and commercials. Some of these projects include Guys and Dolls, Fiddler on the Roof, Aspects of Love, Underbelly and commercials for Suzuki. 

Outside of her parties, Jasmine has a passion for songwriting and released her debut album 'Welcome to Fairyland' in 2019. Using the songs on the album she created a musical for children called 'The Fairy Wonderland Show' which premiered at The Wonderland Spiegeltent in Federation square as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2019. The show was a great success and ended up playing a month in the 2020 Adelaide Fringe Festival at Gluttony. 

In 2020, Jasmine used her suddenly free time to pursue her interest in video creation and animation. She quickly mastered the skill and began creating personalised video messages for children during the lockdowns.

Using her newfound skills in green screen and animation Jasmine used her songs to create music videos and start her own YouTube channel in May 2021. 

Jasmine's YouTube channel 'Fairy Jasmine's House' has now received over 2 million views.


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