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Has your little ones birthday party been cancelled due to Coronavirus?

Would you still love to surprise them with a special birthday message from their favourite character?

Our video messages include personalised confidence boosting words of encouragement, a sing-a-long of their favourite song (with lyrics) and singing of 'Happy Birthday.'


Price: $45

Video length: 8-10 minutes

Longer videos by request 

Talk to a real life fairy!

Fairy Jasmine will now be offering  1 on 1 Video calls with little ones from her little fairy home in the magical forest of Fairyland! 

Fairy Jasmine's phone calls are




and confidence building!



Fairy Singing and Dancing Time! 

Select 2 of your child’s favourite songs for us to boogie away to. 


Fairy School Time! 

 Let’s Practice ‘The Fairy Call’ or one of the other lessons taught in The Fairy Wonderland Show (having seen the show is not essential)


Fairy Music Time! 

Grab a musical instrument and let’s practice our Fairy Band 


Fairy Story time!   

Have Fairy Jasmine read a short story to your child OR have your child read a story to Fairy Jasmine. She will be very impressed with your child’s reading skills 


Fairy Brag Time! 

 Have your child show or tell Fairy Jasmine any special little thing they have achieved recently or something they have created (paintings, craft, new dance moves etc’ 


Fairy Kindness time! 

 Have your child tell Fairy Jasmine all the kind things they have done for others (friends, family or even strangers) recently, and all the things they plan on doing this week. 

Fairy Gratitude time!

Have your child tell Fairy Jasmine all the things that are making them happy right now 


Each call will end with 


Fairy Self-Love and Encouragement time!

Fairy Jasmine will tell your little one just how fairy special they are and how she just loves taking to them.  The call will then end with fairy self-love hugs. 


Creating a magical and memorable birthday party experience is Fairy Jasmine's specialty.

With so many characters and activities to choose from, Fairy Jasmine's entertainment packages are guaranteed to put a smile on every child's face.

Fairy Jasmine travels to all areas around Melbourne.

For your next kid's party or corporate event

Watch 'The Fairy Wonderland Show' Promo Video!


Fairy Wonderland Show


Get ready to laugh, sing and dance in a fairy ring with Australia's newest and cutest fairy show!


The Fairy Wonderland Show is the ultimate interactive musical comedy show for kids.

Not only is it laugh out loud funny, but also encourages a heartfelt message about diversity and self-love.

Through an enchanting series of upbeat fairy songs, the audience is taken on a hilarious magical journey as they are welcomed into the quirky halls of 'Fairy School' where they will meet the most enthusiastic professor 'Fairy Jasmine', who needs lots of help from the audience in teaching goofy newcomer 'Fairy Jack' the ways of the fairies, and what it truly means to be a real fairy.

Dust off your magic dancing shoes, throw on some wings and come along on a fairy adventure you'll never forget!

The Fairy Wonderland Show is the perfect family entertainment package for schools, festivals and corporate events.

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