Character Gallery

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Fairy Jasmine

Queen Elsa

Princess Anna

Fairy Jasmine comes from a beautiful

enchanted castle situated in a magical forest in the heart of Fairyland.

She loves coming to birthday parties; playing lots of party games such as a fairy ring, as well as showing off her fairy magic powers and painting lots of faces.

Queen Elsa currently lives in a beautiful kingdom called Arendelle with her bubbly younger sister Anna.

Elsa has many fans world wide yet she loves coming to birthday parties, where she belts out 'Let it Go', shows off her Ice magic powers, plays party games and paints faces with her beautiful Frozen style designs.

She may be much less popular than her older sister Elsa; but Princess Anna is still full of good party cheer! She loves making new friends at birthday parties, telling them of her adventures in Arendelle, singing 'For the first time in Forever (her favourite song), playing party games, doing magic tricks (with powers borrowed from Elsa) and painting Frozen faces!

Tinker Bell

Princess Belle

Princess Poppy

She may be from Neverland, but Tinker Bell ALWAYS lights up the room of any party with her cheeky smile and infectious giggle. Let Tinker Bell enchant your guests with her silly fairy dancing, magic spells, party games, stories of Neverland and her beautiful fairy face painting.

When Princess Belle isn't busy reading her favourite books, dancing with her (now handsome) Prince Beast and helping her Father with his inventions, she is often found at Birthday parties. She loves to sing and dance! Belle also loves to share stories, play party games and paint Beauty and the Beast style face paint designs.

No troll in the Kingdom knows how to throw a party quite like Princess Poppy! This tiny Princess calls her package "Princess Poppy's Disco - Cuddle - Slumber Party"! Filled with joy, lots of cuddles and heaps of singing and dancing (plus Trolls face painting!) Princess Poppy's party will have your guests buzzing for weeks!

Alice in Wonderland

Alice may love to chase white rabbits and celebrate 'unbirthdays' with the Mad Hatter; but she also loves to celebrate actual Birthdays too. Alice is sure to bring her wild imagination and sense of adventure to your Birthday! She is full of wild stories of Wonderland, creative party games, magic tricks and artistic face painting talents.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman, also known as Princess Diana of Themyscira is a founding member of The Justice League of America. She is a Goddess, and proud ambassador of the Amazonian people. Diana may be tough, but she still makes the perfect party entertainer for the little ones. She loves to play party games including the limbo, a balloon sword fight, super power dancing and super hero style face painting.

Trixie the Elf

After spending the last 10 months huddled up in Santa's workshop making toys; Trixie longs for exciting parties to spread Christmas cheer around the silly season. Let Trixie enchant your guests with a Christmas Carol sing-a-long, an elf magic show, cheeky elf party games, balloon magic and Christmas style face painting